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Kenites what race

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  • Kenites what race

    Are the Kenites supposed to be a certain race, or races?

    How did the non-white races come about from the 8 off the ark?

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    Who said that those who came o

    Who said that those who came off of the ark were white?


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      The Kenites are a s


      The Kenites are a separate race of people.


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        Adam means 'rud


        Adam means 'ruddy complected'. There is only one race of people that show red in the face.

        God told Noah to take two of EVERY flesh -- kind after kind. Hence, all races were present on the ark. It is obvious that the races survived this flood -- they are with us today.


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          what race are the kenites?.. w

          what race are the kenites?.. what color are they? they have to be of some color if they are a different race of people. are they little green men? where did they even come about who was mama and who was daddy of this race


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            you know arron....

            mama was

            you know arron....

            mama was Eve, and dadda was the Devil


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              where in GODS WORD THE BIBLE d

              where in GODS WORD THE BIBLE does it say in plain english not interpertation that satan was the father of cain by eve where does it say eve had sex with the devikl. and was it you or watchman that told me that adam had a sexual experiance with the devil, which he did according to your doctrine for he ate of the fruit too.


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                The Bible wasn't written i

                The Bible wasn't written in plain english.


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                  you can say it in plain englis

                  you can say it in plain english.. well i dont know for i guess you speak another do know exactly what i meant,, in plain english like our bible today is written. you make some mock every time you are asked a question or told something


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                    You have been consis


                    You have been consistently instructed what the words mean from the languages that they were written in by way of the Strong's Concordance.

                    The tools for researching the languages are readily available for anyone to use these days. Yet -- you are too lazy to do the research.

                    Where does it state in Gen. 5, in plain English, that Cain was a GENERATION of Adam?? It doesn't, so, in plain English, one can only conclude that Adam was not Cain's father.

                    So, who could have sired Cain if not Adam. Well, in plain English, we are left with only one possibility -- Cain was fathered by Satan.

                    So, in plain English, that must be that serpent seed thing that God is mentioning in Gen. 3:15.

                    Try to prove otherwise, and you lose everytime.

                    Was that plain enough English for you?


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                      yes i suppose that to an unsav

                      yes i suppose that to an unsaved person like your self that would be probale but to a saved person like my self no.


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                        Since when did God die and app

                        Since when did God die and appoint you judge as to who is and who is not saved?

                        Typical self-righteous hypocrite committing a sin by judging fellow man.


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                          same time HE appointed you as

                          same time HE appointed you as you said i didnt have it.


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                            by the way this is in refferen

                            by the way this is in refference to your post#445 on the arnold murray is a racist worse than the kkk thread. you said that i was not in CHRIST that means no saved and that i was not your brother...a saved person is brothers only with the other saved people


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                              My, my the AM/SC "wars&#34

                              My, my the AM/SC "wars" are hostile! It's fun watching the regulars (pro and anti) hammer away at each other!

                              Thanks for the reply W_2-- I think I need to read the long post by ezekiel_37 about the Kenites for more detailed information.

                              I thought SS was crazy at first, but now I wonder if it's plausible since some groups in the U.S. seem to have a propensity for committing evil-- sounds like John 8:44 suits them well. Plus, a website I saw with several mugshots makes SS seem logical, also-- it appears to be an inherent trait in some of them. Fascinating.